Referral Videographer!

I want to let any bride that is looking at my blog know that I will have a tag especially for the referrals recommend personally.

These referrals are someone that I trust and that will help you make your special day perfect!

Now my first referral, is a videographer!

His name is Kurt from www.pghtelemedia.com. His site is currently under construction. But you can email him directly at kurt@pghtelemedia.com.

Just tell him Shelly referred ya!

Side trip to Wheeling

Well things got turned around and I didn't go camping this weekend. Though I was on my way back home after I turned around and got rerouted through downtown Wheeling, WVA. Now let me tell you this town is just weird and interesting at the same time. Each block it seems is stuck in time. There was a section that look like the 50's and then the New Orleans section, and then like victorian... But for a photographer trying to kill some time it was very interesting to walk around and shoot pictures.


Out of town

Just to let anyone who wants to know I will be out of town from Friday till Tuesday and I will not have ANY internet access or cell signal... Going camping by my Mom's with my daughters out in BFE!

See ya all on Tuesday with some fun shots of my girls!


Pregnant man!?!?

I know or at least I think everyone is seen the news about the pregnant man. I think it was a miracle for this couple to have their own child in an unconventional way. But it really bugs me that these people are spreading their life out to the public. It makes me wonder what their motives are. He has been on Oprah and now he is going to be in People! Come on this kid is going to be picked on like a mother because his Dad gave birth to him... Now you are going to flaunt him all over the TV like some freak show at the circus!

UGH....my watermark...logo....or what ever it is

Ok so I am loving the new watermark thingy (yeah I am all about being technical). I love the Simply Shelly Lynn as a division of AT Studio Designs. I didn't want to give up AT because of the fact my soon-to-be husband is wanting to do something with me once I get this biz up and going and we can use AT and have our own little part of it... He likes to do the DVD slide shows so that might be his little job to make him part of the AT team! And I can be Simply Shelly!

Alright I will stop babbling and get to the point. I can not get consistency with the size of my watermark. Looking at my blog I see some are smaller than others. I am new to blogging so I need to find the right size pictures for my blog then make the watermark fit that size. I guess this is all a learning curve...Please be patient with me while I learn the world of blogging!

Polaroid of the day & boggy computer!

Here is my Polaroid of the day from this morning! I always have my camera sitting out on the table for shots just like these! Jim didn't want to show off his lovely bed head...Though Lucy was all about getting Daddy's coke after she finished her yawn!


Now...I have to whine about my boggy laptop... Yeah Yeah I know I need to get on the Mac wagon. But it will have to wait till I get a few other things first... UGH! So last night I was playing with some images that I shot at the dog park and my laptop while watching my new favorite TV show The Cleaner (I know kinda ironic LOL) on the trusty DVR. And pops up this little icon saying something about running out of space! So I go take a look at what is up and I had only 2.1G of my 60G hard drive free... OMG! So I went on a junk mission. First stop was deleting all the stupid programs that I tried and hated taking up space...Well that freed up about 6G. Now what???? So I go hunting through my document and low and behold I find a DivX file which had 8G!!! of BS tv shows I watched on tv-links.uk that got pulled after some higher up found out this dude had almost anything you could possibly want in TV shows and movies that you could think of. I used it a lot when I was traveling and the hotel tv sucked! But I didn't know that this thing downloaded the movie to my computer...oh well. So when all said and done I freed up 14G of space in a matter of 30 min and now my poor puter is running smooth again!

Lucy's first trip to the dog park...

Let me introduce you to Lucy (her nickname is Blue...story to come later) and her Daddy. (Jim doesn't have any kids so Lucy is his baby....I will tell ya about cheeseburgers later) For those who want to know Lucy is a Toy Fox Terrier and she is about a year and a half old. I rescued her from a shelter in Indianapolis, In after her mother had been in a puppy mill and the owner passed away. They sent the mom and Lucy to a shelter where I found her. When I brought her home she was only as big as a dollar bill! Look! (sorry bad cell phone pics)

She is my best friend and a great model for trying out new ways to shoot with my camera. (she doesn't like the flash but she deals cause the treats are what makes her happy LOL)

So the other day Jim and I took her to the dog park. This was a fun experience for Lucy since she never usually gets off her lease at home. She is a runner! So off we go and she loved it except for the big dogs. I wish I could have gotten a shot of her playing dead anytime a big dog came around her. Or when the little pug mix decided Lucy was a tree and "made his mark" LOL. Oh well you will have to settle for her posed shots here LMAO!

Oh I got a kick out of the water fountain thing they have there (I had never been to the dog park either LOL) Take a look at the picture and see how ironic it is!

More of my favorites

A few of my favorite sunsets!

My mother's vibrant flower garden...This woman can grow anything!

Do you know what these berry things are... They are growing out of my rock wall in my back yard. They start out as purple flowers, then green berries, and they the berries turn red like little tomatoes. Who knows but they photography well!

I shoot a lot of inanimate objects that don't make any sense but the composition just catches my eye! Enjoy!


My rock and my biggest supporter...

This is my soon to be husband (May 29th, 2009), Jim. He is the rock of my life and my biggest supporter for anything I do.

I want to give him credit here because I do not know where I would be without him.

(oh and his nickname is Big Mac Daddy Unicorn LOL)

Today's moves me post...

I am a big Americian Idol fan for the last 3 seasons and last year Chris Daughtry has to be one of my favorites that have made it after being on Idol. Today in an email I got the new video for one of his song What about Now. This song moved me almost to tears and gave me goose bumps...

Check it out!

Printroom Galleries

The first thing most clients want to see is your work. This blog will eventually show more wedding and less personal but for now this is what I got! I have a up to date gallery at Printroom and it is also is where I keep my online galleries for my clients to buy prints from.

Right now this is also where I host my Boudoir Gallery. If you have any interest in a Boudoir Session please email or call me.

Some of my favorites....

Here is some of my favorite pictures. This will start to show you some of my shooting styles.

Since I live in Pittsburgh known for it's bridges I thought I would share a few of them I took when I was on a Gateway Clipper Sunset Cruise. The weather was wonderful!

Please excuse the sizing and such of the pictures....I am a new blogger I need to update my settings for blog pictures!

Now on to my daughters.....Cassie "Louise" is very photogenic no matter how you shoot her she always is a good model for me. Now Maddie my youngest....Well that is another story, she is always looking the other way or got some silly smile. But that is just her...or as she likes to be called "Cheese!" (I will go into details about nick names in a later blog) Here is some shots of them!

Get to know me...

First let me say thank you for stopping by. This is going to be a place where everyone can see what is going on, what I am doing, and to get to know me. So lets get started....

Well by now you know my name is Shelly. Just simply Shelly, not Michelle or any other forms of the name that everyone tends to ask me. LOL. I am a mother of two beautiful daughters, Cassie age 11 and Maddie age 10, they are the love of my life and are growing up to impress me more and more each day. Take a look!

Yeah I know Ahhhhh.....just kidding! They are the reason I am who I am now. In 2001, I was diagnosed with the disease Fibromyalgia. The first few years of being diagnosed my life was hell, I lost everything... And I mean everything my home, my independence and everything that was important to me. I moved in with my mother and step-father out in the middle of no where (no offense mom but you live in BFE!) for 6 month. During the first 6 months of becoming ill I spent many many trips to doctors and the hospital as they poked and scanned every inch of me. They didn't know for almost a year what was wrong with me. Every trip to the doctor I hoped for just a "label" to what was wrong. I was at a point that if they told me "Sorry you have cancer" I would have been relieved so I could just get treatment and work on getting better or comfortable. Finally they said I had Fibromyalgia, I didn't exactly know what it was but was thankful for my "label". Once I was home I Googled (my best friend) Fibro and found out a BUNCH of information. I changed some (can't change completely) of my life and BAM everything changed. It has been a struggle for the last 7 years, though now I have less and less bad days. But I can't do the 9 to 5 anymore and I need to work more at different pace. After many failed attempts to be independent in business (ie: my sewing biz SUCKED! I sew well but why buy from me when ya got Wal-mart!). Here I am in all my glory trying to do something that I ABSOLUTELY love. Taking pictures! I am going to go through some of my old film pictures next week and scan some for you guys to see where I have been in my photography journey.

I have been taking pictures since my parents bought me my first film camera it was a Kodak Cameo Camera in the mid 80's. (yeah I am not as young as I used to be! But for a point and shoot this little thing was great. I used it for years before I broke the little flip up flash and it was done. Then I moved to a Pentax 35mm SLR. I loved this camera and took many roles of film with it. It was paycheck from my boss. He couldn't pay me cash so he paid me with the camera. It came (I still have it beaten and abused as it is) 3 lenses, flash, filters, a grip(which I could never get to work) and a nice bag. I still use the lenses and the bag but the camera is now just a decorative thing now that I went digital. Now I shoot with an Olympus E series camera that thank god for Craigslist, I bartered a scooter that I had for a new camera. With gas prices getting higher and higher it was easy to get someone to barter with. It was a college kid's and only had less than 2500 shots taken on it!

I have been shooting for a while with it and loving it.

Well now ya know about me.....let me show ya some of my work!

Take a look into the past...