Teasers from the Free Engagement Event!

First let me thank the two couples that came out to the Free Engagement Event yesterday. I had a BLAST with you guys, my face was sore from smiling and laughing so much! It was a little overcast during the day but didn't stop us from getting some great images. It was such an honor to capture these moments with them.

My first couple was Amy and Darren. What a sweet couple! Darren as usual was a bit nervous at first (don't worry Darren 99% of the guys are like this at first) but after a few he was all into it and having a blast showing the love that this couple had. Amy is going to make a beautiful bride and I felt she is very photogenic. OH Darren I loved when you dipped and popped that heel! (post that pic later still on the editing block!)

Now after my first ride up the incline I got to meet Joanna and Tommy. Wow what a great couple. Fun and a blast to work with. Tommy we know ya felt a little awkward but don't worry you looked FABULOUS! Don't worry I won't post the shot of you feeling Joanna up! Joanna and Tommy hammed it up like pros yesterday... And they even got invited to a party down after the engagement shoot with a guest that rode with us in the incline car! Every shot was like a story of how much love this couple has and it was an honor to work with you!


Free Engagement Event!

I am hosting a Free Engagement Event October 4th & 5th also on 18th & 19th!

Here is what I am offering:

I will be taking appointments for couples to come out and have some engagement shots taken and you get one free 8x10! I will let you see the instant results right there after the shoot with a slide show. Within the week I will post a gallery of all your photos where you can choose your free 8x10. You have the option of buying more prints or a CD of all your images if you like but no obligations to.

What is there to loose...an hr or two of your day and you get an awesome photo of you and your honey!

Take a look at some of my work http://atstudiodesigns.printroom.com

Come out and have some fun and I look forward to seeing you out there.

Contact me at atstudiodesigns@gmail.com if you are interested in participating in this event.

****any couple that paticipates in this event will be eligable for a deep discount on a wedding photography package!

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