Lucy's first trip to the dog park...

Let me introduce you to Lucy (her nickname is Blue...story to come later) and her Daddy. (Jim doesn't have any kids so Lucy is his baby....I will tell ya about cheeseburgers later) For those who want to know Lucy is a Toy Fox Terrier and she is about a year and a half old. I rescued her from a shelter in Indianapolis, In after her mother had been in a puppy mill and the owner passed away. They sent the mom and Lucy to a shelter where I found her. When I brought her home she was only as big as a dollar bill! Look! (sorry bad cell phone pics)

She is my best friend and a great model for trying out new ways to shoot with my camera. (she doesn't like the flash but she deals cause the treats are what makes her happy LOL)

So the other day Jim and I took her to the dog park. This was a fun experience for Lucy since she never usually gets off her lease at home. She is a runner! So off we go and she loved it except for the big dogs. I wish I could have gotten a shot of her playing dead anytime a big dog came around her. Or when the little pug mix decided Lucy was a tree and "made his mark" LOL. Oh well you will have to settle for her posed shots here LMAO!

Oh I got a kick out of the water fountain thing they have there (I had never been to the dog park either LOL) Take a look at the picture and see how ironic it is!

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