Polaroid of the day & boggy computer!

Here is my Polaroid of the day from this morning! I always have my camera sitting out on the table for shots just like these! Jim didn't want to show off his lovely bed head...Though Lucy was all about getting Daddy's coke after she finished her yawn!


Now...I have to whine about my boggy laptop... Yeah Yeah I know I need to get on the Mac wagon. But it will have to wait till I get a few other things first... UGH! So last night I was playing with some images that I shot at the dog park and my laptop while watching my new favorite TV show The Cleaner (I know kinda ironic LOL) on the trusty DVR. And pops up this little icon saying something about running out of space! So I go take a look at what is up and I had only 2.1G of my 60G hard drive free... OMG! So I went on a junk mission. First stop was deleting all the stupid programs that I tried and hated taking up space...Well that freed up about 6G. Now what???? So I go hunting through my document and low and behold I find a DivX file which had 8G!!! of BS tv shows I watched on tv-links.uk that got pulled after some higher up found out this dude had almost anything you could possibly want in TV shows and movies that you could think of. I used it a lot when I was traveling and the hotel tv sucked! But I didn't know that this thing downloaded the movie to my computer...oh well. So when all said and done I freed up 14G of space in a matter of 30 min and now my poor puter is running smooth again!

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