UGH....my watermark...logo....or what ever it is

Ok so I am loving the new watermark thingy (yeah I am all about being technical). I love the Simply Shelly Lynn as a division of AT Studio Designs. I didn't want to give up AT because of the fact my soon-to-be husband is wanting to do something with me once I get this biz up and going and we can use AT and have our own little part of it... He likes to do the DVD slide shows so that might be his little job to make him part of the AT team! And I can be Simply Shelly!

Alright I will stop babbling and get to the point. I can not get consistency with the size of my watermark. Looking at my blog I see some are smaller than others. I am new to blogging so I need to find the right size pictures for my blog then make the watermark fit that size. I guess this is all a learning curve...Please be patient with me while I learn the world of blogging!

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RHurst said...

I love the way the watermark turned out! I think you have such a beautiful gift at photography, you really capture the moment. I am planning my wedding and need a wedding photographer, so I will certainly keep you in mind. I still need to find a wedding officiant first.

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